Marta Orriols

A writer and art historian who recently made her debut as a novelist with Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes, which won the II Òmnium Prize for the Best Novel of the Year.

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Marta Orriols (Sabadell, 1975) graduated in History of Art but she decided to continue her training within the field of writing, which had led her to author a collection of short stories Anatomia de les distàncies curtes (2016) and her first novel, Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes (2018). A writer in the literature-of-manners style, her texts portray the complexity of human relations with highly emotionally-charged prose.

She studied cinematographic scriptwriting at the Bande à Part film school in Barcelona and creative writing at the Ateneu Barcelonès. She occasionally works as an editorial reader and is a contributor to several digital newspapers and magazines, publishing literary and cultural chronicles. Her debut novel will shortly be translated into eight languages.

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