Sebastià Portell

Author of novels, short stories, essays and plays, in his latest book, Les nenes que llegien al lavabo, he defends the freedom to read.

A Mallorcan writer and playwright, Sebastià Portell is currently the secretary of the Association of Writers in the Catalan Language (AELC). His collection Amors sense casa (Angle, 2018) was the first anthology of LGBTQ poetry in Catalan. His most recent published work is the essay Les nenes que llegien al lavabo (Ara Editorial, 2021), in which he advocates freedom of writing and passion for reading. In the area of theatre he has published several texts such as Transbord (Lleonard Muntaner Editor, 2018), forthcoming in an English translation thanks to a grant from the Institut Ramon Llull, Un torrent que era la mar (Pont del Petroli, 2012), winner of the VI Ciutat de Badalona Theatre Prize, and La mort de na Margalida (Lleonard Muntaner Editor, 2012), honourable mention for the XV Boira-Òmnium Theatre Prize. His work addresses central issues such as our relationship with literary heritage, while incorporating a militant passion for raising awareness of the diversity of sexual and gender identities. He also collaborates with media outlets such as Ara Balears or the radio program Soroll on the station Ser Catalunya.

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