Raquel Santanera

An award-winning poet, her work goes in search of a new mythology of the poetic “I”

Born in Manlleu, Raquel Santanera is the coordinator of the poetry series Els Vespres Malgastats, which takes place in the region of Osona, and she is one of the three programmers for L’Horiginal, the legendary workshop for poetry recitals and new literary attitudes in Barcelona. In 2015, she won the Martí Dot prize with Teologia poètica d’un sol ús (Viena Editorial, 2015). With this first collection of poems, she created “Babaisme”, an effort to forge a new mythology of the poetic “I” that remains present in her subsequent collections: De robots i màquines o un nou tractat d’alquímia, Pollença Poetry Prize (2017); and Reina de rates: crònica d’una època (Pagès Editors, 2021), Miquel Martí i Pol 2020 poetry prize. As a writer, she also participated in the special issue of the Branca entitled Els coets venien com llagostes, published in collaboration with the CCCB for Kosmopolis 2021.

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