Helen Torres

Sociologist, educator and translator, she is one of the great connoisseurs of Donna Haraway’s thought.

The work of Helen Torres as an educator and artist focuses on applying a feminist and anti-colonial perspective to the articulation between language, art and politics, by using the written word, sound landscapes, performances, lectures and conversations. She is the author of the novel Autopsia de una langosta (Melusina, 2010) and her work is included in the anthology of short stories Relatos Marranos (Pol·len, 2015) and in the collective narrative Ciutat Morta. Crónica del caso 4F (2016). She is the Spanish translator of Donna Haraway’s work and has translated several of Haraway’s texts, including the well-known essay Staying with the Trouble (published in Spanish as Seguir con el problema, consonni, 2019). This translation work has influenced the path of her career, and she currently organises workshops that seek to paint a picture of possible futures using conceptual tools proposed by the American philosopher. Her latest artistic project is a sound intervention called Exercici de fabulació especulativa, which was included in the exhibition “Polítiques del sòl” (Centre d’Art Maristany, 2020), curated by Christian Alonso.