Fernanda Trías

A writer and translator, she is one of the outstanding figures of Latin American literature and well-known for her originality and poetic prose.

A fiction writer and translator with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from New York University, her work has been translated into English, Italian, Hebrew, and French. She has published the novels Cuaderno para un solo ojo (Notebook for a Single Eye, Cauce Editorial, 2002), La azotea (The Rooftop, Tránsito Editorial, 2019) and La ciudad invencible (The Invincible City, Demipage, 2014). She has also published the short story collection No soñarás flores (You Won’t Dream Flowers, Tránsito Editorial, 2020), which was nominated for the 2017 Gabriel García Márquez Hispano-American Prize for the Short Story as one of the thirteen best books published the previous year. In 2004, she received a UNESCO-Aschberg writing grant and moved to France, thus beginning an itinerant period that has taken her to live in Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Valparaíso, and Bogota. Her career path also brought her to Madrid as winner of the SEGIB-Eñe-Casa Velázquez Residence Award for Ibero-American authors, a stay that resulted in her most recent novel Mugre Rosa (Pink Filth, Literatura Random House, 2021), a pandemic dystopia, which, although written before the lockdown, has turned out to be a crude mirror of our recent experiences. At present, she is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the National University of Colombia.