Nicolás Weber

Director of Re-Read low-cost bookstores

Born in France in 1964, Nicolas Weber grew up in the Marais district of Paris. He is an IT engineer. Since the age of 20 he has travelled across America, the Middle East and Africa. After studying Oriental Languages, at the age of 28 he went to Egypt, where he wrote a method for learning Egyptian Arabic, Ahlan wa Sahlan, published by Editions Hatier. He lived in Egypt for eight years, working with NGOs and ACNUR. Weber is also a new technologies consultant for the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Since 1996 he has lived in Barcelona, where he has opened a bookstore, Baibars, with Mercedes Zendrera. He has published several books about computer and learning Arabic.

In 2012, Weber and Zendrera set up Re-Read, a new concept of second-hand bookshop, opening 13 Re-Read branches in two years.

Previous activities

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Abel Cutillas (La Calders), Alejo Cuervo (Gigamesh), Nicolás Weber (Re-Read) and Fe Fernández Villaret (L’espolsada Llibres). Moderator: Martín Gómez (