• Academic reverberations in the work of W. G. Sebald

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    Academic reverberations in the work of W. G. Sebald

    16 .02 .2015 - Teresa Vinardell

    The following article attempts to bring together several approaches to W.G. Sebald’s work, the relevance of which appears to respond to resonances that evoke many of the notions developed by literary and cultural theory in recent decades. Memory, image, temporality, travel and intertextuality comprise a small range of topics that give a good indication of the kaleidoscopic vitality of this German writer.

  • Writing after Sebald

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    Writing after Sebald

    09 .02 .2015 - Terry Pitts

    In this first essay from SEBALDIANA, the art historian Terry Pitts, autor of one of the leading blogs of reference about the work of WG Sebald Vertigo, selects a number of authors and books that seem to offer the most interesting variations on the literary legacy of the author of Austerlitz and The rings of Saturn.