Dialogues K

  • Literary Dialogues at Kosmopolis

    Literary Dialogues at Kosmopolis

    29 .09 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Jean Echenoz and Jean-Yves Jouannais. John Banville and Pierre Lemaitre. Werner Herzog and Paul Holdengräber. The K Dialogues for the 2017 edition of Kosmopolis played host to authors with similar track records which enabled us to zoom in closer on their work, discover some of their secrets and enjoy a few anecdotes from beyond the literary sphere.

  • Literatures for Dialogue

    Literatures for Dialogue

    10 .03 .2015 - Eva Rexach (K Team)

    The K Dialogues are, for this K15, more literary than ever before. Seven chats between writers on subjects as diverse as the limits of literature, the personality of the writer, imposture, the narration of privacy or American letters. A varied menu with some of the most important names in the culture of our times.