• Literary Europe Live

    Literary Europe Live

    03 .12 .2015 - K Team

    On November Kosmopolis held the first meeting to launch the project “Literary Europe Live”, a new initiative brought forth by the Literature Across Frontiers platform. We took advantage of the opportunity to interview several members.
  • Interview with Cory Doctorow

    Interview with Cory Doctorow

    30 .06 .2015 - Cory Doctorow

    We took the opportunity to interview writer and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow who was here to launch his graphic novel In Real Life as part of the Kosmopolis ongoing programme.

  • Mutants and mutations

    Mutants and mutations

    30 .06 .2015 - K Team

    On the occasion of the presentation of the collective book “Hijos del átomo” on the popular X-Men we interviewed some of the authors.

  • Thank you

    Thank you

    22 .03 .2015 - K Team

    These have been five days of high intensity where we have been joined by over 8,900 people. Five days of literary exchanges, of debates on the future of journalism, on Europe, on the legacy of W. G. Sebald and the anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. We have enjoyed the attendance by over 150 contributing participants from 19 countries and have organised over 80 activities and 24 workshops at the BookCamp. We screened 40 feature films, documentaries and short films via Alpha Channel, and we discovered new television series, new authors and new forms of writing, publishing and reading books.

  • Guide for following Kosmopolis wherever you may be

    Guide for following Kosmopolis wherever you may be

    17 .03 .2015 - Eva Rexach (K Team)

    A festival like Kosmopolis could not call itself the “Amplified Literature Fest” if it did not offer all of its contents on all possible channels. Therefore, we have selected some activities so that you can follow them by streaming wherever you may be. In addition, our social networks and our website will be updated with all the latest information so that you don’t miss a thing.