Ana Mar López Contreras

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication specialising in interactive narrative.

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Ana Mar López Contreras (Llançà, 1991), is Empordà-born but resident in Barcelona, and a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and is just setting out on her path in the world of digital storytelling. Interested in webdocs, virtual reality and the hybridisation of genres, she is currently immersed in two interactive narrative projects. Firstly she is working on the development of the interactive sci-fi comic Mars Oddity, incubated in residency with the ICEC StartingLab UPF programme at the Parc de Recerca Creativa Canòdrom. She is also participating in the creation of the interactive documentary Projecte HEBE on processes of youth empowerment.

Update: 01/03/2017

Previous activities

Kosmopolis 17

From the Book to the Screen and Beyond

Ana Mar López Contreras (Mars Oddity), Jordi Solà (Cubus Games), Carlos Coronado (Pamtumaca), Eva Domínguez (NUSHU-NEWSKID) and Iñaki Díaz (Appnormals Team). Moderator: Marisol López