Kosmopolis 17

Presentation and screening

Detroiters. The Power of Words

CaldodeCultivo and Riot Über Alles

Alpha Channel

  • Saturday 25 March, 18.00 - 18.40
  • Auditorium
  • Free

Presentation of the film Detroiters, by the CaldodeCultivo collective in Detroit (US, 2016). The presentation will be made by Riot Über Alles, a prolific poet and visual artist of the Barcelona underground.

  • Screening: Detroiters. CaldodeCultivo / United States, 2016, 30’, Original version with Spanish subtitles

“Ghost city”, “crime capital”, “the big bankruptcy”, “the ruin”—these are some of the names used to refer to Detroit, all of them ahistorical and biased, but useful for urban speculators. Detroiters is a videographic project developed by CaldodeCultivo in complicity with numerous Detroit poets and activists, who respond to the violence of the clichés and stereotypes with the creative energy of slam poetry, weaving a powerful narrative of their city.