Kosmopolis 17

Recital i projecció

Jackie Kay, FiniTribe, Eugene Kelly, Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson

Neu! Reekie!

Networked Literature

  • Saturday 25 March, 22.00 - 23.59
  • Theatre
  • 7 €

“Neu! Reekie!” is a creative explosion, a space to discover the unique Scottish creativity. At K17 we will be visited by two of the original components of electronic group FiniTribe, David Miller and John Vick, who are promising a session of essential vintage electronic music, the lead singer of The Vaselines, Eugene Kelly, with his songs; Jackie Kay, recently named Scots Makar (national poet of Scotland); and the festival’s artistic directors, Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson. A unique opportunity to get to know the cultural scene of Edinurgh, a UNESCO Literary City.

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