Kosmopolis 17

Round table

Return to the Spoken Word

Irene Fortes (Penguin Random House), Benjamín Figueres (Narratores), Paulina Wardęga (Audioteka), Juliana Rueda (Miut). Moderator: Javier Celaya (Dosdoce.com)

Bookcamp V. Is there a future beyond the book?

  • Friday 24 March, 17.00 - 18.30
  • Sala Raval
  • Free

The resurgence of podcasts, the success of WhatsApp voice messages and the possibility of talking to the machines that surround us highlight the relevance being acquired by the voice. In a world of communications where writing and audiovisual formats predominate, the voice and sound are taking on increasing importance. At this time of numerous voices, literature is also defending itself as a space where they can be read, listened to and heard.