Kosmopolis 23

Poetry and dance

‘The Iliad’ to the rhythm of rap: Before Nightfall

Gaston Core

Oceanic Literature

  • Thursday 26 October, 21.00 - 22.00
  • Theatre
  • 7 €
  • Sunday 29 October, 12.30 - 13.30
  • Theatre
  • 7 €
Before Nightfall offers a contemporaneous rendition of The Iliad. Onstage, three performers will use their own lyrics and borrow texts to tell us their Iliad and speak of power, violence, passions, virtues, and defects as well as beauty, the tragedy of war, and the sublime.
Through rap language and hip-hop culture, the show renews the dignifying power of the word and explores the perplexity that is felt on being faced with a world that is escaping, one that is imagined as being better than that which is actually coming. The Iliad is presented with the words, breathing, and beat of rap, a fully contemporary form of poetic expression.
Like the bards, the MCs Eskarnia, Breaker and Celia Bsoul speak of the world in which we live, tell us its stories, and sing of its heroes and its divinities.