Kosmopolis 23


Isabel Ferrera, Ai Futaki, and Cristina Romera

Pioneering Women of the Depths

Oceanic Literature

  • Friday 27 October, 19.30 - 20.45
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

Our relationship with the ocean is closer than we believe it is. The ocean feeds us, absorbs excess greenhouse gases and heat, and captures carbon. It is also a perennial source of artistic inspiration. There is no question about the consensus regarding the importance of the need to conserve it. In this panel discussion, two pioneering women who have gone deep into the ocean’s depths will speak about the results of their underwater experiences.

The oceanographer Cristina Romera speaks with the Japanese free diver and photographer Ai Futaki, and the microbiologist Isabel Ferrera, one of the few people who has descended to a depth of 2,600 metres on board the Alvin, the submarine that discovered the wreck of the Titanic. Their discussion also offers an account of the present state of oceans.

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