Kosmopolis 23


Louqsor/Andromède: The Written Images of Aurora Bertrana

FRAU. recerques visuals

Oceanic Literature

  • Sunday 29 October, 18.00
  • Sala Raval
  • 7 €

This performance aims to reveal the biography and personality of Aurora Bertrana. It is based on an installation designed as a sensorial experience. It aims to take the viewer on Bertrana’s voyages aboard the vessels Louqsor and Andromède at the end of the 1920s. Rereading Aurora Bertrana from the standpoint of contemporary art prepares us to recover Paradisos oceànics (Oceanic Paradises, 1930), the novel she wrote after living in French Polynesia for three years.

—Staging: Núria Adan—Sound space: Tullis Rennie