Kosmopolis 23


Virginie Despentes, Alana S. Portero and Berta Gómez Santo Tomás

Despite everything

Dialogues K

  • Sunday 29 October, 19.00 - 20.30
  • Theatre
  • Sold out

A provocateur and a contrarian, Virginie Despentes has managed to make each of her works matter. It may be because they incite reflection, searing criticism or anger, but they never leave you indifferent. Her novels and essays are already part of the contemporary cultural canon. Alana S. Portero has just published her first novel, but she has been writing and sharing her opinions on feminism, gender, class and culture for years in articles and posts that take the pulse of the street with surgical precision. It is not surprising, then, that Despentes’ latest novel, Querido capullo/Benvolgut imbècil (Dear Moron), and La mala costumbre (Bad Habit), S. Portero’s first, contain the humour, tenderness, rage and redemption that make both authors generational references.

In this session, they talk with journalist Berta Gómez Santo Tomás about love, identity, the culture of cancellation and how to move forward despite everything.