Xavier Aldekoa

Journalist and authority on the social situation in many African countries.

For more than a decade, the journalist Xavier Aldekoa has been living in Africa. Throughout his career, he has covered many conflicts and social issues in some forty African countries, as well as writing reports and making documentaries for several outlets of the printed and audiovisual media.

He has been the La Vanguardia correspondent in Africa and has participated in projects of social journalism in the international domain, for example the magazine Revista 5W of chronicles and investigative reporting, and the production company Muzungu. He is author of the books Oceà Àfrica (Ocean Africa, Ara Llibres / Península, 2014), Fills del Nil (Children of the Nile, Ara Llibres / Península, 2017), África adentro (Inside Africa, 5W, 2018, co-authored by Alfonso Armada), Indestructibles (Indestructible, Ara Llibres / Península, 2019), and El Quixot al Congo (Quixote in the Congo, Columna / Península, 2023).

Previous activities