Manuel Bartual

Writer, strip cartoonist and audiovisual creator. A reference in the conception of fiction stories in Twitter threads, the tale of his mysterious holidays in the summer of 2017 went viral and was followed by thousands of hundreds of people.

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Manuel Bartual (Valencia, 1979) has written and directed a dozen short films and a feature-length film (Todos tus secretos, 2014), has drawn comic strips in publications such as El Jueves and Orgullo y Satisfacción and has designed for El País, Santillana, Astiberri and Es Pop, to name a few. He also directs together with Alba Diethelm the publishing imprint ¡Caramba!, which specialises in humorous comics. In 2017 the tale of his mysterious holidays become a worldwide trending topic and it was read via Twitter by hundreds of thousands of people. In the summer of 2018 he again surprised people with the story of Nela García (#RedMonkey), which he created together with Modesto García. El otro Manuel (Planeta, 2018) is his first novel on paper.

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Manuel Bartual

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