Vinicio Capossela

Total artist and ambassador of Greek rebetica, The New York Times calls him one of the country’s cleverest and most eccentric musicians.

Vinicio Capossela

Phantasmagorical composer, poet and writer, as well as illusionist and one-man show, Vinicio Capossela (Hannover, 1965) made his debut in 1990 with the disc All’una e trentacinque circa produced by Renzo Fantini, winning the Targa Tenco Prize for the best opera prima, and won it a further three times in the following years. After his early “pre-biographical” discs, after Canzoni a Manovella (2000) he focused on universal themes, often inspired by great literature, from Melville to Céline, Dante and Homer, including total works such as Ovunque Proteggi, Da Solo and Marinai Profeti e Balene. In 2004 he produced the book Non si muore tutte le mattine and the Radiocapitolazioni broadcast by RAI-Radio 3, and, in 2009, In clandestinità. Mr. Pall incontra Mr. Mall, with Vincenzo Constantino.

His most recent work is devoted to Greece and rebetica, “more than music, a way of life”: the disc Rebetiko Gymnastas, the documentary Indebito, written jointly with the director Andrea Segre and chosen as opening film for the 2013 Locarno Film Festival, and the book Tefteri, taccuino dei conti in sospeso, published by Saggiatore. Also from 2013 is the special project with the Banda della Posta, a group of elderly wedding musicians from Irpinia, which Capossela produced and led on its long and festive tour of the plazas of Italy.


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