Najat El Hachmi

Writer originally from Morocco. Winner of several prizes, including the Ramón Llull and the Prix Ulysse in 2008, as well as the Sant Joan prize and the Ciutat de Barcelona prize for Catalan literature in 2015.

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Najat El Hachmi (Nador, Morocco, 1979) moved to the city of Vic with her mother and siblings when she was eight years old, where she grew up and studied. She holds a degree in Arabic Philology from the University of Barcelona.  She has worked exclusively as a writer since 2008, the year in which she won the Ramon Llull Prize with her novel The Last Patriarch. The book has been translated into ten languages, winning in the Prix Ulysse for first novel and being selected as a finalist for the 2009 Prix Méditerranée étranger. In 2011 she published The Body Hunter and in 2015 she won the Sant Joan Prize with The Foreign Daughter, which went on to win the Ciutat de Barcelona Award for Catalan literature and has been translated into several other languages. She regularly contributes to the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya and has worked as a cultural mediator in Vic and integration officer in Granollers.

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