Ebbaba Hameida

A journalist with a PhD in Journalism, she is a member of the board of Reporters Sense Fronteres (Reporters Without Borders), Spain.

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Ebbaba Hameida was born in a Saharawi refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria, although she has lived between Italy and Spain from an early age. She graduated in Journalism and, in 2022, presented a doctoral thesis titled “La autonomía, la identidad y la visibilidad de las mujeres en países de mayoría musulmana”(Autonomy, Identity, and Visibility of Women in Muslim Majority Countries). In the professional sphere, she has published articles in the international section of El País, Planeta Futuro, Revista 5W, el Diario.es, La Marea, and FronteraD, and has worked with Prisa Radio Internacional. She is currently associated with Radio Televisión Española as well as working with the news services of Spanish National Radio and Radio 3.

She has received several awards for her work, recognising in particular her ability to report while expressing her own journalistic perspective. She has given international coverage during the war in Ukraine, in Somalia, inquiring into the country’s situation of famine, and in Lebanon where she documented the difficult social and economic situation. She has also closely followed the migrant crisis in Melilla, Ceuta, and the Canary Islands, as well as in the countries of transit such as Morocco and Tunisia.

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