Inés Macpherson

A writer, oral storyteller, and specialist in the field of the literary story, she is a connoisseur of the contemporary imaginaries of science fiction.

With a degree in Philosophy, she has been working since 2010 in the publishing world as a reader, proof-reader, and editor. She has published several books, including the novel for young people, El secreto de Lucia Morke (Lucia Morke’s Secret, La Galera, 2011) and an illustrated version of the legend of Saint George, Santa Jordina (Saint Jordina, La Galera, 2017). She also has stories in the anthologies Extraordinàries. Noves autores de l’insòlit (Extraordinary: New Women Authors of the Amazing, Males Herbes, 2020), Paper Cremat. 10 contes per a 100 anys de Ray Bradbury (Burnt Paper: 10 Stories for a Hundred Years of Ray Bradbury, Apostroph, 2020), and Contes per al (des)confinement (Stories for the (De)Confinement, Males Herbes, 2020). Since 2003, she has been working as an oral storyteller, which has led her to participate in such projects as the cycle “The Invasion of Science Fiction”, organised by Libraries of Catalonia and focused on the centenary of Ray Bradbury, and also Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. Thanks to her knowledge of science fiction, she has led many reading clubs organised by the Network of Libraries of Catalonia, and she has also taught the course “Genre Writers, a Journey through Terror and Science Fiction”, which was organised by the bookshop La Tribu.