Carles Pedragosa

Musician, actor, composer and member of the theatre company Indi Gest.

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Carles Pedragosa (Barcelona, 1982) studied piano at the Maria Canals Ars Nova academy, where he laid the foundations for his career as a musician. He later went on to study Audiovisual Communication, inspired by his interest in musical scores for film. After finishing his degree, he started to compose music for short films, documentaries and feature-length films, while at the same time beginning to forge a name for himself in the world of theatre, where he continues to work as a musician, actor, composer and sound designer.

He forms part of the theatre company Indi Gest together with the actor and playwright Jordi Oriol, a project based on the fusion of disciplines, staging and musicality of language. He has also worked on different productions by directors such as Lluís Pasqual, Xavier Albertí, Julio Manrique, Marc Rosich and Oriol Broggi. He currently combines his work as a music teacher with different projects both with Indi Gest and elsewhere.

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