Éric Sadin

One of the foremost French non-fiction writers today. His works constitute an in-depth criticism of the technological singularity and the global ideology born in Silicon Valley.

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Éric Sadin (Paris, 1972) is a writer and a philosopher and his main area of interest is the intersection between technology and society. For over ten years he has worked on different texts focusing on the effects of the digitalisation of the world, whether in the form of essays or articles in the media he habitually contributes to, such as Le Monde, Libération, Les Inrockuptibles and Die Zeit. In his latest work published in Spain, La silicolonización del mundo (2018), he emphasises the control being exercised over people from Silicon Valley based on the data that we generate.

His books include: Surveillance globale. Enquête sur les nouvelles formes de contrôle (Flammarion, 2009), La société de l’anticipation (Inculte, 2011), L’humanité augmentée (Éditions L’échappée, 2017, Hub Award for the most influential essay on the digital phenomenon), La vie algorithmique (Éditions L’échappée, 2015) and L´intelligence artificielle ou l´enjeu du siècle (Éditions L’échappée, 2018). Sadin is also involved in teaching and research activity in different cities around the world.

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