Màrius Serra

Writer and language scholar, he is especially well known for his crosswords and lexical games.

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Màrius Serra (Barcelona, 1963) has published thousands of crossword puzzles and articles, numerous books of narrative and several works of wordplay, among them Verbàlia (Empùries, 2000), the winner of the Octavi Pellissa Prize, the Serra d’Or Prize and the Lletra d’Or Prize. He holds a trilingual website dedicated to puns and wordplay (www.verbalia.com) and is a regular contributor to the media.

Serra has won the City of Barcelona Prize for the book of storiesLa vida normal (Proa, 1998). He is also the author of the novels L’home del sac (Columna, 1990 – Bromera, 2011), Mon Oncle (Proa, 1995, FEC Prize), AblanatanalbA (Edicions 62, 1999), Monocle (Empúries, 2008) and has written a non-fiction novel De com s’escriu una novel·la (Empúries, 2004). The novel Farsa (Columna, 2006), winner of the Ramon Llull Prize, was followed by the collection of articles Enviar i rebre (Columna, 2007). After the extremely positive reception of Quiet (Empúries, 2008), he published Dicciomàrius (LaButxaca, 2010), Verbàlia 2.0 (Empúries, 2010) and a book for middle-grade readers, L´arca de Babel (Estrella Polar, 2012). His latest work is the novel Plans de futur (Proa, 2013), awarded the prestigious Sant Jordi Novel Prize 2012.

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