Zé Fuga

A rapper and producer, his field is rap and instrumental hip-hop without dogma.

Zé Fuga is a Colombian rapper and producer who has been based in Barcelona since 2001. He set out on his career with the group A Salto de Mata in 2002 and left the project three years later. In 2005, he produced the documentary Bogotá Muro y Palabra (Bogotá Wall and Word) which maps the hip-hop scene in Bogotá. Since 2009, he has been working as a self-taught music producer and launched his first work in 2011 with the label Tempo Cimarrón. He has published four rap demos and has worked on two hip-hop instrumental projects with other producers.

Besides projects creating his own and collective works with Tempo Cimarrón, Zé Fuga also draws on this label to promote small format events of the Barcelona underground scene. Together with DJ Jum, he has performed at some twenty events, and continues his career with passion and creative curiosity.

Previous activities