Radio Kosmopolis


#6. The Literature of (Climate) Change

Climate change is also a literary genre: climate fiction is a branch of fiction that now has its own genealogy, in which authors write on the future of the planet from dystopias and the Anthropocene. From J.G. Ballard to Susan GainesMargaret Atwood to Kim Stainley Robinson, we review in a new podcast this literature of a speculative nature and talk about global warming with Sol Solà, President of Greenpeace España.


#5. Science Fiction: An Experimental Mythology

Novel of anticipation, novelised science, fantascience, speculative fiction… Many definitions have been given for science fiction, a form of literature that has given rise to an (experimental) mythology of our time. In this podcast we approach one of the richest and most complex genres in literature, where the inner space and outer space meet in a new dimension and that seems to possess a never-ending capacity to surprise.


#4. Music and Poetry: Clara Peya and Sandra Sangiao in concert

At this podcast we offer as central content the concert that pianist and composer Clara Peya and the singer of the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, Sandra Sangiao, gave at the CCCB on 17 February 2016 during the first Radio Kosmopolis live broadcast. In this way, we approach the link between music and poetry with a performance in which this relationship is expressed with clarity and beauty. We also recover fragments from other outstanding performances from previous editions of Kosmopolis where the oral word and music are the protagonists: spoken wordslam poetryhip hop and poetry recitals such as those by Francesca BeardLaura DockrillMalikaD’bi Young, Nuyorican Cafe and Teresa Colom giving voice to J.V. Foix. Close your eyes and listen …


#3. Svetlana Alexievich and the Voices of History

In this podcast we take a closer look at the figure of Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize in Literature 2015. The author of a powerful and committed oeuvre, between investigative journalism and fiction, Alexievich has profiled her own literary genre: the “novel of voices”. A conversation with her publisher in Catalan, Laura Huerga, an extract from her intervention at Kosmopolis 2006 and a selection of fragments from her novels make up this chapter dedicated to the Belarus writer and journalist.


#2: Radio and Literature

The relations between radio and literature have their own genealogy. From the historical vanguards to authors such as Bertolt BrechtSamuel BeckettDylan Thomas and Umberto Eco, radio has been an excellent medium for literary dissemination and experimentation. This podcast is an approach to a fertile link that the Internet accelerates and transforms.


Podcast #1: Radio Kosmopolis (15th February)

A programme that we will be broadcasting live from the Sala Mirador which will be transformed for the occasion into a cafè-bar and will present, as the closing event, a concert by Sandra Sangiao and Clara Peya. Journalist and radio presenter Bruno Sokolowicz leads this programme which will feature, among other guests, Laura Huerga (publisher – Raig Verd ), Alejo Cuervo (publisher and bookseller – Gigamesh), Sol Solà (Greenpeace Spain), Clara Peya (composer and pianist) and Sandra Sangiao (singer – BGKO Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra).


Radio Kosmopolis is a radiophonic experiment that, aims to explore new paths in narrative and the work while making creative use of audiovisual recordings from the CCCB Archive. It is produced within the framework of Kosmopolis Continuous Programme (2016)and cooperates with ScannerFM.

Hosted by: Bruno Sokolowicz
Script: Juan Insua y Bruno Sokolowicz
Direction and editing: David Camilleri, David Gómez y Llorenç Peris
Executive production: Laura de Bonis y Maria Romero
With the collaboration of all the services and departments of CCCB, especially Media, Communications and Production teams