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  • Thursday 19 March, 17.00 - 21.00
  • Auditorium
  • Free
  • Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins: His Heavy Heart

    Emile Rafael / UK, 2014, 3’20’’, Spanish subtitles

    Alan Moore, the creator of comics like Watchmen and V for Vendetta, receives us on the film set of his latest project, His Heavy Heart, carried out jointly with photographer Mitch Jenkins. Surrounded by the characters of this new story, Moore reveals its keys, highlighting the blurred line between fiction and reality.

  • The History of Typography

    Ben Barrett-Forrest / Canada, 2013, 5’09’’, Catalan subtitles

    The paper cut-outs of this animated short film review the changes in type face throughout history, from Johannes Gutenberg’s Blackletter, through changes in the early serif font, with Caslon and Baskerville, to Futura and Helvetica, and typefaces generated by the introduction of computers.

  • Blackwood – How to Write a Blackwood Article

    Csaba Gellár / Hungary, 2013, 6’ 36'', Catalan subtitles

    In this animated short based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story, an ambitious young journalist strikes out into Blackwood in search of terrifying inspiration for her new article.

  • En sortant de l’école: Les Belles Familles [PREMIERE]

    Armelle Renac / France, 2014, 3’, English subtitles

    Here we have a burlesque procession of all the kings of France named Louis. Based on a poem by Jacques Prévert, Les Belles Familles is taken from the collection En sortant de l’école, a tribute to the author’s libertarian spirit of exploration.

  • 12/6/23 17:30 PoetryFilm 1

    Zata Kitowski - Presentation and screening

    Zata Kitowski, founder and director of PoetryFilm, presents this international poetry and film project. She does so in the company of a selection of the best poetic pieces compiled since the start of the project in 2002.

    Reversed Mirror Eduardo Kac / 1997, 7’, original version
    Lunar Tides Susan Trangmar / United Kingdom, 2014, 9’, original version
    Sandpiper John Scott / Canada, 2014, 3’30’’, original version
    Full Stop Zata Kitowski / United Kingdom, 2014, 4’30’’, original version
    Turbines in January Kate Sweeney y Colette Bryce / United Kingdom, 2013, 2’, original version
    Self-Evident Things Piotr Bosacki / Poland, 2013, 10’, English subtitles
    Dream Poem Dann Casswell / United Kingdom, 2006, 1’30’’, original version
    Afterlight Timothy David Orme / United States, 2013, 3’, original version
    The Portrait of Jean Genet Disinformation / United Kingdom, 2014, 3’, original version
    Solstice Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski / United Kingdom, 2013, 3’, no dialogue

    Activity in English.

    With Zata Kitowski

    With the collaboration of:

  • Cólera

    Aritz Moreno / Spain, 2013, 6’30’’, Original version

    Based on Richard Corben’s comic book Terminated and featuring Luis Tosar, this short film shows how a village decides to take justice into its own hands when faced with a contagious epidemic disease: cholera.

  • A Solitary World

    James W. Griffiths / UK 2014, 4’33’’, Catalan subtitles

    With this adaption of excerpts from five works by H.G. Wells (The Time Machine, 1895; The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1896; The First Men in the Moon, 1901; In The Days of the Comet, 1906; The World Set Free, 1914), James W. Griffiths pays tribute to the writer in this work of great cinematographic poetics.

  • 12/6/23 18:45 Patience (After Sebald)

    Grant Gee / UK, 2012, 90’, Spanish subtitles

    In the form of a visit to the East Anglia coast, director Grant Gee presents a filmic essay about the work and the influences of W.G. Sebald. An exploration of landscape, art, history, life and loss, following in the steps proposed by the writer in his best-known work, Rings of Saturn.

  • The Gap by Ira Glass

    Daniel Sax / Germany, 2014, 2’18’’, Catalan subtitles

    Inspired by the short film by David Shiyang Liu and created using the recorded words of Ira Glass, Daniel Sax puts images to this talk about overcoming creative doubt and awareness of the existence of a threatening gap that lies between our taste and our abilities.

  • I Met the Walrus

    Josh Raskin / Canada, 2007, 5’14’’, Catalan subtitles

    Taking as their reference Lewis Carroll’s walrus from the poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” in Alice in Wonderland, the Beatles wrote the song “I am the Walrus”. Years later, a 14-year-old Jerry Levitan slipped into John Lennon’s hotel room and conducted the interview we hear in this animated short.

  • 12/6/23 20:30 Arts i oficis: Edició literària [PREMIERE]

    Lau Delgado / Spain, 2015, 30’, Original version

    Each chapter of Arts and Trades shows the complexities of a skill in the culture sector. This time, five independent Barcelona editors (Jordi Cornudella, Aniol Rafael, Ricard Planas, Eugènia Broggi, Miquel Tuson and Ester Andorrà) meet to play at creating collections with which they are not familiar, using an unknown material, guided by Yago Fernández, master’s student in Publishing at the UPF-IDEC. Jordi Cornudella, editor at Grup 62 and Javier Aparicio Maydeu, director of the master’s degree in Publishing at the UPF, intervene to explain their view of the sector.

    With the collaboration of: