Kosmopolis 15


Laura Borràs

The Canon of Literary Modernity: The Electronic Literature Collection

Laboratoris de l’escriptura

  • Friday 20 March, 17.00 - 18.30
  • Sala Raval
  • Free

Modernity also needs canons or, as T. S. Eliot said, “From time to time it is desirable, that some critic shall appear to review the past of our literature, and set the poets and the poems in a new order”. This workshop facilitated by Laura Borràs will be centring not on the past but on the most contemporary of literary creations: digital literature. Just one decade ago, the Electronic Literature Organization (USA) considered it necessary to start laying the bases for a canonical organization of authors, works and genres. In 2006, the ELO published the first anthology of reference and, in 2011, the second. Laura Borràs, curator of the second anthology with Brian Kim Stefans, Rita Raley and Talan Memmott, will be presenting the criteria for inclusion and exclusion that were discussed, questioning the very concept of canon and looking with students at some of the over 60 works that make it up: digital literary browsing that straddles very different languages, genres and styles to offer an overview of digital literature.

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