Kosmopolis 17


Frédéric Pajak, Zeina Abirached and Paco Roca. Moderator: Jorge Carrión

Thinking in Strips

Thinking in strips

  • Sunday 26 March, 11.00 - 14.00
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

11:00 | Anatomy of Conflicts and of the Memory. Frédéric Pajak.

Following the presentations of his work, the author will talk about the narrative and philosophical conflicts raised in his books and about how he has tackled the representation of major European traumatic events and warring conflicts in them. To what point are literary essays and comics ideal tools for working on the individual and collective memory? How do they relate with photography or film as languages of recollection. What does this all contribute to the understanding of our past? How do they dialogue with the literary or theatrical work of other authors?

12:30 | Fertile Hybridisations of Reality and Fiction. Zeina Abirached and Paco Roca.

Following the presentations of their respective works, the authors will converse about who in their projects they take as a starting point real experiences or situations to construct, based on them, universal tales and stories, through visual designs that grow and become complex along with the stories that they aim to narrate. And about how they are read within the reception framework that they share: French culture. What can and cannot be fictionalised? How is the graphic novel changing based on the great stories of our time? To what point do an industry and a reading audience mould a narrative art?