Kosmopolis 23


David Farrier, Alicia Kopf, and Valentí Sallarès

The Library of Ice

Oceanic Literature

  • Sunday 29 October, 12.30 - 13.45
  • Mirador
  • 3 €

David Farrier’s first book, Footprints (Fourth Estate, 2020), invites us to think about how we are transforming the language of the elements. In an exercise that combines past, present and future, Farrier analyses the genealogy of our planet, looking at tides, rocks and ice bubbles. Ice is a central element in Brother in Ice (And Other Stories, 2018), the novel in which Alicia Kopf delves into the polar expeditions of the early twentieth century.

In this conversation, David Farrier and Alicia Kopf follow the traces of humanity in the landscapes of our planet, and water, ice and the rest of the elements become an archive of history, a sort of library that offers us reading keys for the transformations that are yet to come. Valentí Sallarès, director of the Institut de Ciències del Marc (ICM) – CSIC, will moderate.