Kosmopolis 23

Itinerant playwright

What Is Water?

Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi

Oceanic Literature

  • Saturday 28 October, 10.45 - 13.15
  • Pati de les Dones
  • 6 €
  • Sunday 29 October, 10.45 - 13.15
  • Pati de les Dones
  • 6 €

The sea as a stage set, soundtrack, poetic space, place of freedom. The sea, also, as a space of conflict and tension between continents. What is Water? is a poetic journey or itinerant playwriting created by Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi who speak of water as a vital element.

This work, a dramatic, visual, and sonorous creation, invites spectators to come on a journey that sets out from the CCCB and goes to the mouth of the River Besòs, which was once the most polluted river in Spain. The headwater of the Besòs is in Montmeló and, after eighteen kilometres of an irregular course, it placidly flows into the sea surrounded by a river park inhabited by a range of fauna. The river’s floods are known as besossades: the Besòs rebels against itself and multiplies its tentative flow up to a thousand times. This piece aims to be a poetic and aquatic besossada.

—Direction, dramaturgy, and performers: Compañía La Soledad (Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi)—Aquatic choreography:: Corinne Spitalier—Audiovisual production: Muriel Escalera—Guest artist: Laura Villena
—Musicians: Martí Fleta, Francesc Garcia, Núria Gascón, Núria Jorba, Bernat Ramírez, Nyonya Rodon, and Guillem Esteban
—Boat owners: Kubala i Pili
—Ornithologist: Xavi Larruy
—Produced with the support of: Trànsit Projectes and Planta 1
—Production team of Planta 1: Mario Hinojos, Laura Gutiérrez y Joseju Moca