Marc Caellas

A theatre director, nomadic writer, and restless cultural manager, he is a catalyst of new trends in the theatre and literature of the Catalan scene.

CCCB, 2016. CC BY-SA-NC Miquel Taverna

Marc Caellas, who was born in Barcelona, is an artist who works with writing, theatre, and performance in hybrid projects that can turn into books, plays, or installations. His books and his other works, through some kind of uneasiness with regard to what they are working with, raise questions that never specifically materialise, as if they want to express something that is impossible to explain, assuming that, somewhere, what we do not understand is waiting and, even so, still sustaining us.

His last two published books are Notas de suicidio (Suicide Notes, La Uña Rota, 2022) and Dos hombres que caminan (Two Men Walking, Menguantes, 2022), the latter co-authored with Esteban Feune de Colombi. His earlier works are Carcelona (Barselona, Melusina, 2011), Caracaos (Carachaos, Melusina, 2015), Drogotá (Planeta, 2017), Neuros Aires (Libros del Zorzal, 2020), and Teatro del bueno (Good Theatre, Teatron. Tinta, 2015). His most recent plays, written and directed with Esteban Feune de Colombi, are: Què és l’aigua? (What Is Water?) in which they work with water as a vital element, the sea as scenery and soundtrack, a poetic yet tense space between two continents, a space of freedom and yet of conflict; Yo sé perder (I Know How to Lose), a festival of rejections; Oficina de amaneceres (Sunrise Office), a poetic performance; Bolaño, vuelve a casa (Bolaño, Come Home), and Sin timón & en el delirio (Rudderless & Delirious), two pieces, based on the poetic universe of Roberto Bolaño and Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, written to be performed in public spaces.

Previous activities

Kosmopolis 23

What Is Water?

Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi