Kosmopolis 23

Screening and talk

ruido ê (the film)

Silvia Zayas, Michel André, and Claudio Barría

Oceanic Literature

  • Saturday 28 October, 11.30 - 13.00
  • Auditorium
  • Free with pre-booking

The film ruido ê (the film) is the condensation of a collective artistic research-production project in which the film element works as an excuse for weaving working networks with scientists, divers, and artists around questions of perception, vulnerability, and resistance. The film is a kind of documentary-musical in which sound becomes much more than acoustic impact. It is a synaesthetic humming that hacks vision, while also turning it erotic.

The artist Silvia Zayas has worked in relation to the Torpedo torpedo electric rays, a resistant species that is plentiful in urban underwater areas of the Catalan Mediterranean. After the projection of the film, Zayas and the researchers Claudio Barría and Michel André, collaborators in the project, discuss the multiple impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine animals.

You can find more information on the project and its collaborators here.

This project has been part of GRAPA, an artist residency programme promoted by the CCCB, Hangar and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) to start, support and relate creative processes at the overlap of art, science and technology. With the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.