Sebastià Alzamora

Renowned novelist and poet writing in Catalan.

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The writer Sebastià Alzamora, who was born in Llucmajor, Mallorca, is the author of the novels L’extinció (Extinction, 1999), Sara i Jeremies (Sara and Jeremies, 2002), La pell i la princesa (Skin and the Princess, 2005), Nit de l’ànima (Night of the Soul, 2007), Miracle a Llucmajor (Miracle in Llucmajor, 2010), Crim de sang (2012, published in English as Blood Crime, Soho Crime, 2017), Dos amics de vint anys (Two Friends of Twenty, 2013), La Malcontenta (The Malcontent, 2015), Reis del món (Kings of the World, 2020), and Ràbia (Rage, 2022). He has also published the short stories S’accepten encàrrecs (Commissions Accepted, 2023) as well as the poetry collections Rafel (1994), Apoteosi del cercle (Apotheosis of the Circle, 1997), Mula morta (Dead Mule, 2001), El benestar (Wellbeing, 2003), La part visible (The Visible Part, 2009), and La netedat (Cleanliness, 2018).

He has been awarded the Salvador Espriu, Jocs Florals de Barcelona, and Carles Riba prizes for poetry and the Documenta, Ciutat de Palma Llorenç Villalonga, Josep Pla, and Sant Jordi prizes for fiction. In 2019, he received the Serra d’Or Critics’ Prize for Poetry with La netedat, while his novel Ràbia was awarded the Òmnium Prize for Best Novel of the Year in 2022, was named best book of Catalan literature in 2022 by the Quadern supplement of the newspaper El País and, by readers’ votes, was awarded the Illa dels Llibres award for Best Novel of 2022.

The stage version of Reis del món, written by Josep M. Miró and directed by José Martret, was premiered in the Teatre Principal in Palma in March 2023. Sebastià Alzamora’s books have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, English, and Croatian. He writes a daily column for the newspapers Ara and Ara Balears.

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