Kosmopolis 23


Sebastià Perelló, Sebastià Alzamora, and Llucia Ramis


Oceanic Literature

  • Thursday 26 October, 19.45 - 21.00
  • Mirador
  • 3 €

In Ràbia (Rage, Proa, 2022), Sebastià Alzamora takes his readers to an island without a name which is being changed by tourism that has no respect for its environment. These changes, the challenges they entail, and the ways in which the characters are pervaded by them, are omnipresent in the novel. In La mar rodona (The Round Sea, Club Editor, 2020), Sebastià Perelló goes directly to Mallorca where he portrays three different periods on the basis of a stream of memories about a place which, metaphorically, seems to be about to disappear.

With the sea as backdrop, this conversation moderated by Llucia Ramis between three islanders by birth is an invitation to dive into the effects that insularity can have in literature, and how literature can or cannot represent it.