Sebastià Perelló

Poet, storyteller and Catalan language and literature teacher.

Sebastià Perelló (Costitx, Mallorca, 1963), who has an Arts degree, has published the short story collections Exercicis de desaparició (Exercises in Disappearance, 2000; winner of the Bearn Prize for Fiction, 1999), Mans plegades (Folded Hands, Empúries, 2004), and the novels Pèls i senyals (Bit by Bit, Empúries, 2008), Veus al ras (Voices in the Open, Club Editor, 2016; winner of the Critics Prize 2017), and La mar rodona (The Round Sea, Club Editor, 2020; finalist for the Òmnium Prize). His first book of poetry La set (Thirst, El Gall Editor) appeared in 2007 and was followed by Percaceries (Offal, 2010), Talls d’ombra (Cuts of Shadow, 2012), and Amb la maror (With the Swell, 2017), the latter three published by Lleonard Muntaner. He was also artifex of the exhibition “Empelts” (Grafts) which, bringing together his own photographs and texts by various authors, opened in Palma in May 2011. He is also author of several works of literary criticism that have been published in jointly authored volumes and specialist magazines.

Previous activities