Júlia Francino

Illustrator, animator and poet.

Trained as an art director at ESCAC, Júlia Francino’s career took a turn into the world of animation and graphic design. After serving as head of animation for the series Arròs Covat (Juanjo Saéz, 2009-2012), she received a scholarship for a training programme in Canada. Upon her return to Barcelona she spearheaded the visual effects and animation department at the ESCAC and, together with Maialen Arana, she founded Estudi Bicoté, where she now develops projects and collaborations in animation, illustration and graphic design. As a designer, she has participated in various projects, including the documentary Hayati (Liliana Torres and Sofi Escudé, 2018), the many books published by Ca l’Isidret Edicions and the literary magazine Carn de Cap. In 2020, she published her first collection of poems, Els excedents (Edicions de 1984), which was awarded the Ventura Ametller Prize for Poetry.

Previous activities