Kosmopolis 21


Presentation of the magazine ‘CARN DE CAP TRES’

Posthuman Landscapes

Experimental mythologies

  • Friday 18 June, 18.00 - 19.15
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

Posthumanism, as a space for going beyond the aesthetic, political, and philosophical coordinates of humanism, has stimulated not only exploration of the limits of a certain idea of the individual but also a field of extremely interesting questions in literary terms which have explored the contemporary dystopian sensibility, art, and thought.

Since the world has been ending for some time now and, one way or another, we are all functional cyborgs, in the literary magazine CARN DE CAP, promoted by the Escola Bloom, the aim has been to know not so much what post humanism is as how to dress it up and learn what, for example, posthuman religion, sexuality, or revolution will be like. The magazine CARN DE CAP TRES, then, does not present an ontology, but proposes a landscape.

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