Kosmopolis 21

16 – 20 June

By themes

  • Experimental mythologies

    Just as the western tried to achieve a mythical reconquest of the west, science fiction has become the experimental mythology of our times. Space is now the last pantheon, an Olympus where past and present myths can be reformulated.

  • The never-ending journey

    The journey can be voluntary, but it can also be accidental. There is a conscious nomadism that never ceases to wonder about the deep sense of roaming, and there are also unwanted migrations. Ever since Homer, travelling has installed us in perpetual movement.

  • Liturgies of the Anthropocene

    Literature is written but it is also recited, performed, filmed, and sung. Because, even if the sound doesn’t spread into space, the universe has always been a party.

  • Dialogues K

    We don’t know the exact number of stars in the universe but it must be close to the number of stories we’ve told each other over the last few millennia. In K21, we return to dialogues with some of the most interesting authors of our times in order to think about how to create stories.