Kosmopolis 21

Closing festivities of the ALIA Mission: science, literature, and live radio

Martian Waves

Experimental mythologies

  • Thursday 17 June, 11.30 - 13.00
  • Hall
  • Activity for scholar groups

This is a presentation of the first ALIA Mission, an educational project relating popularisation of science with literary and artistic creation, in which six groups of secondary school students have worked in some of the most outstanding research programmes of the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC). Guided by the scientists leading these projects, the astronomer Kike Herrero, the science-fiction writer Inés Macpherson, and the artist Serafin Álvarez, the students have written stories which they will present at this session of Kosmopolis.

At the closing festivities, a live podcast will be recorded with the participation of astrophysicist Fatoumata Kébé, the schools and scientists involved. Akin to a modern version of The Martian Chronicles, six science-fiction stories written by the crew-member students will also be read.

—11.30-12.00: Fatoumata Kebé speaks with Miquel Sureda.

—12:00-13.00: Live podcast, with the participation of students and schools Pau Claris, Joan Brossa, Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera, Icària, Miquel Tarradell, and Col·legi Sant Gabriel; and scientists Guillem Anglada-Escudé, Francesc Gòdia, Carme Jordi, Inés Macpherson, Laia Ribas Cabezas, Ignasi Ribas, and Miquel Sureda. The event will be presented by Antònia Folguera and Ginebra Vall, with DJ Tutu.