Kosmopolis 21

Talk + reading + concert

Pau Riba, Neil Harbisson, Núria Martínez-Vernis, Oriol Sauleda, and De Mortimers

On Big Bangs, Cyborgs, and Poetry

Liturgies of the Anthropocene

  • Friday 18 June, 21.30 - 23.00
  • Pati de les Dones
  • 7 €

Pau Riba, one of the country’s most unclassifiable creators, will land in Kosmopolis with a literary show such as has rarely been seen before. This year, the doughty songwriter and singer has published the book Història de l’univers (History of the Universe – Males Herbes), a “scientific poem” that tells the story of the cosmos from the Big Bang to cyborgs and artificial intelligence, in a journey of 13,800 million years. In the CCCB courtyard, the Pati de les Dones, Riba, the iconoclast, will talk about his theories with Neil Harbisson, the first person on the planet to be legally recognised as a cyborg. The poets Núria Martinez-Vernis and Oriol Sauleda will recite fragments from the book as well as other new material that Riba has written for the occasion. And, together with the group De Mortimers, he will perform the most galactic themes from albums like Jo, la donya i el gripau and Electròccid àccid alquimístic xoc and Cosmossoma.

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