Neil Harbisson

Cyborg artist and poet, his work focuses on the art of creating and implanting new meanings.

He has an antenna implanted in his head, which he made himself, that lets him hear colours and perceive invisible colours like infrared and ultraviolet, in addition to receiving images, videos, music or phone calls from external devices. He is the co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation, an organisation that works toward making it possible for humans to install technologies in their bodies so they can develop new senses and become cyborgs. His various interventions and artistic proposals include the lecture I Listen to Colour (TED Talk, 2012), transcribed and translated into 36 languages, as well as the interactive concert La música dels colors, created in 2016 for the exhibition +Humans at the CCCB. His experience has led him to advocate for a mixture between humans and technology to improve people’s lives.

Previous activities