Kosmopolis 21


Presentation of the special number of ‘BRANCA’ magazine

The Rockets Came Like Locusts

Liturgies of the Anthropocene

  • Sunday 20 June, 12.00 - 13.30
  • Theatre
  • Free with pre-booking

We have been to the future and have returned with nine documents that testify to centuries and centuries of Martian life, to the first rockets, the first generations, menus of roadside cafés, the art of good singing, the search for oxygen, and the mistaken chronicle of the founding of the city of Simàkia.

Fruit of a joint project of BRANCA magazine and the CCCB, the book Els coets venien com llagostes (The Rockets Came Like Locusts) is a collection of short stories that start out from the wish to think about futures with the excuse (it is always an excuse) of a hypothetical colonisation of Mars. This anthology, somewhere between false rigour and playful desire, in the form of scientific articles, university entrance exams, speeches, protocols, classical annotations, and excerpts from books on gastronomy, offers stories by Mohamad Bitari, Roser Cabré-Verdiell, Marta Forn, Carme Torras, Jordi Lara, Oliver Mancebo, Ramon Mas, Anna Punsoda, and Raquel Santanera.

In this session the anthology will be launched and we shall talk about these canonical Martian texts with some of their authors and the editors of BRANCA magazine, Irene Pujadas, Júlia Bacardit, and Irene Selvaggi. Moreover, all this will take place in the Martian musical company of the poet Anna Pantinat.

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