Anna Punsoda

A writer, teacher, and literary critic, she is also a translator from German.

She has a degree in Journalism from the Ramon Llull University and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona where, with a grant from the Joan Maragall Foundation, she also completed a master’s degree in Philosophy and Classical Studies with a dissertation titled “The Social and Political Thought of Joan Maragall”. She is presently a teacher and a translator from German, as well as writing in several media outlets as an essay critic and lecturing in Philosophy at the Barcelona Athenaeum. She has published the novel Els llits dels altres (The Beds of Others, Amsterdam, 2018), winner of the Roc Boronat Prize, and the essay La lujuria (Lust, Fragmenta, 2020), which appeared in the “Pecados capitales” (Deadly Sins) collection. She has also contributed as a writer to the special edition of the magazine Branca “Els coets venien com llagostes” (The Rockets Came Like Locusts) which has been produced in collaboration with the CCCB on the occasion of Kosmopolis 2021.

Previous activities