Carme Galve

Carme Galve Montore (Barcelona, 1975) studied Library and Information Sciences (UB) and the Intergroup and Intercultural Communication Specialization Programme (UOC). She worked in the libraries at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya for five years. Since 2001 she has formed part of Biblioteques de Barcelona, directing the Jaume Fuster Library since it opened in 2005.

She has taken part in librarian forums such as WLIC-IFLA, IAEC-Educating Cities and the National Congress of Public Libraries and the MED-Act library cooperation programme. She is a member of the editorial board of Ítem magazine of the Association of Librarians and Documentarists of Catalonia.


Previous activities

Kosmopolis 15

Innovation in Libraries

Carme Fenoll (Biblioteques de la Generalitat), Maribel Riaza, Carme Galve (Biblioteca Jaume Fuster) and Albert Díaz (Centre de Documentació del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona). Moderator: Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)