Stefanie Kremser

A scriptwriter and novelist, her work, suffused with her itinerant biography, focuses on the quest for identity in multicultural and multilingual settings.

Stefanie Kremser (Düsseldorf, 1967) is a writer and scriptwriter. Of German and Bolivian descent, she grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, and at the age of twenty moved to Munich to study documentary filmmaking. She has lived in Barcelona since 2003. Her itinerant biography is prominent in her work, which frequently focuses on the quest for identity in a multicultural setting. She has made several documentaries and written scripts for cinema and television, the most recent of which, Herren (Gents), was awarded the 2021 Civis Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe. She has published several novels, notably Postal de Copacabana (Postcard from Copacobana, Club Editor, 2007), Carrer dels oblidats (Street of the Forgotten, Empúries, 2012), and El dia que vaig aprendre a volar (The Day I Learned to Fly, Edicions 1984, 2012), and also her memoir Si aquest carrer fos meu (If This Were My Street, Edicions 1984 / Entre Ambos, 2020), in which she gives an autobiographical account of the arrivals and farewells she has experienced over the years in five different countries of America and Europe.

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