Pol·len Edicions

Independent publisher backing a sustainable publication system.

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Pol·len Edicions, sccl, is an independent young publishing cooperative formed by three partners, Jordi Panyella Carbonell, Aida Iglesias de Prada and Mar Carrera, and specialised in the eco-publishing of books on critical thinking. With the books that they publish they want to contribute to pollination, i.e. to the dissemination of critical ideas, the generation of debate and the expansion of knowledge. They practise eco-publishing throughout the book’s life cycle, minimising the environmental impact of publications. In this sense, their books include an ecological rucksack: a tool that communicates the environmental impact of publications and shows the savings achieved by the introduction of best practices in the eco-publishing process.

They are currently managing Espai Contrabandos, a cooperative project that encompasses various publishing imprints with the aim of raising visibility and promoting independent publishing and critical thought.

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