Gemma Ruiz

A writer and journalist specialising in cultural reporting, she is editor in chief of the TV3 news services.

A journalist and writer, she has worked in the news service of Televisió de Catalunya since 1997, specialising in the cultural features of Telenotícies. For six years she was responsible for the theatre reports in the programme La nit al dia and she is now chief editor of the TV3 news services. In 2016 she published her first novel, Argelagues (Proa), a bestseller that has been highly praised by the critics. This tells the story of three farm women born at the beginning of the twentieth century, who have to make their way in the city, working in the textile industry and participating in the Civil War from the rearguard. In February 2020, she published her second novel, Ca la Weling (Proa), which offers a portrait of a woman and her family, who came to Barcelona from the Chinese province of Zhejiang and opened a hairdressing salon in the neighbourhood of Gràcia.

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